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Dellia Holodenschi

Dellia Holodenschi is the creator and volunteer director for the Lucky Paws Foundation. Travelling throughout the Caribbean for over 15 years in her position as a Director for prestigious luxury brands of perfumes and cosmetics, Dellia was deeply troubled to see the suffering of the stray animals, a common denominator on all of the islands. After many sleepless nights, she came to the realization that these tormented creatures were just part of the landscape and the sad fact was that very few people cared.

After conducting a tremendous amount of research, and receiving much needed guidance from many animal welfare organizations, she established the Cat Café program in 2007. This no-kill community cat colony caretaking program humanely manages the islands feral, stray and abandoned cats through the proven and effective Trap-Neuter-Return–Maintain (TNRM) method of overpopulation control. The Cat Café program, which maintains more than 25 feeding stations across St. Thomas, is the principal program of the Lucky Paws Foundation.

In an effort to further her goal at eradicating the surplus animals being born and assist those in financial need in the community, Dellia, along with fellow animal welfare advocate Jim Hines, founded SNIP (Spay/Neuter Island Pets) in 2010. SNIP is an organization that offers financial assistance to individuals who cannot afford the cost of spaying and neutering their pets. Every month SNIP distributes the funds needed to cover the cost of veterinary bills in an effort to support their no-kill mission. 

Jim’s passion for ending animal suffering and his desire to stop the killing of healthy and adoptable pets was the driving force in bringing to fruition the first ever mass Spay/Neuter event in St. Thomas in October 2010.

Dellia and Jim’s efforts to eliminate the high rate of euthanasia through the Cat Café and SNIP programs have been widely recognized and are slowly becoming the preferred and most efficient models used to fight the overpopulation in other parts of the Caribbean including: Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Barbuda, Jamaica, Vieques and St Croix.

Click here to see Dellia in the Virgin Islands Daily News.


Jim Hines
Vice President

Jason Robbins is publisher of The Virgin Islands Daily News and its affiliated publications, including Island Trader and www.virginislandsdailynews.com. He has been in that role, overseeing all business and journalism operations, since 2007. Robbins came to the Virgin Islands in 1999 when he joined the newspaper staff as an editor. His work at The Daily News has been honored with over two dozen national awards, including the American Bar Association Silver Gavel and seven national Associated Press Media Editors Awards for Public Service. Robbins previously worked for Hearst Corp. and Gannett Co. at media companies in Texas and Florida. A native of Texas, he holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University, where he was an honors student, and a certificate in organization development from the Georgetown University Center for Professional Education. In the Virgin Islands, he has worked with a number of community causes and served on the board of Beacon Schools of the Virgin Islands, Caribbean Islands Education Foundation, other local education and community outreach programs and the Anglican-Episcopal Church.

Dellia Holodenschi - President

Jason Robbins - Treasurer

Claudia LaBorde - Secretary

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