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Cat Café Program

The Cat Café Program is based on the fundamental belief that our feral, abandoned, or stray free-roaming community cats have as much a right to live as any other creature.

The goal of the Cat Café Program is to drastically reduce the number of animals impounded and euthanized in our shelter while continuously educating the community and generating humane solutions. The program works with resorts, restaurants, condominium associations, businesses and individuals to implement and teach long-term management of our community cats.

Volunteers Trap-Neuter-Return-Maintain (TNRM) the feral cats. TNRM is the most effective and humane method of controlling overpopulation. The cats are identified by ear-tipping (removal of ½ inch of the left ear while the cat is anesthetized for spaying or neutering). Ear-tipping is the universal symbol to permanently identify a feral cat that has been tested, evaluated and sterilized. It ensures that a feral cat won’t undergo unnecessary repeat trapping and surgery. Click on the cat below to see our TNRM flyer.

When feral cats are trapped, neutered and released back to their original locations, their numbers can be controlled. The daily feeding and monitoring is provided by volunteers and it improves the quality of life for the colonies resulting in a vast decrease in population growth. To view some of our Cat Cafés click here.

Young kittens that can still be socialized, as well as friendly adult cats captured through this program, are placed in foster care until they are adopted into forever homes. Each year the Lucky Paws Foundation finds loving homes for hundreds of cats.

With our assistance resorts such as Bluebeards Beach Club, Marriott Frenchman's Reef, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, The Ritz Carlton, Sugar Bay and the Island View Guest House have been able to manage their colonies in a humane and effective manner but we need 100% participation in order to fully control the overpopulation crisis.

TNRM is a movement that is growing by leaps and bounds as communities see its benefits and potential. It is supported by all animal welfare organizations and in many communities has become the preferred and most effective method of overpopulation control. For more information on feral cats visit: www.alleycat.org

We need your help to tackle the daunting task to save more feline lives from a challenging and often misunderstood existence. Won’t you join us in our lifesaving efforts? Support our no-kill mission by donating today through the link below. 

The Cat Café directors are also available to give presentations to resorts, businesses and various other interested groups on the many benefits of instituting a TNRM program. To volunteer or start a colony, please contact the program director at (340) 513-1854.


Click here to see the Cat Café program in the St. Thomas Source.

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